PESHAWAR - As schools are going to reopen today, a mixed reaction was witnessed as some of the schoolgoing children looked worried recalling what had happened in the Army Public School on December 16 last, while some were hoping for a better situation after enjoying about 25 holidays.

Despite the horrible scenes portrayed in social media, valiant children of Peshawar are ready to join their schools eagerly; however, certain students were reluctant to quit the month-long free and playful routine of vacations.

Students from various schools of Peshawar, who gathered from nearby houses to play on the deserted railway track in Gulbahar area, told that in order to enjoy the vacations; they play here every day at this track without any fear of terror.

Answering a query regarding the sense of insecurity, Afaq, a student of class 4 at Peshawar Model school, replied, “I am not feeling any kind of is pleasant but school has its own charm”.

Most of the parents were worried about their children’s outings and visits. They strongly advised their children to refrain from going at busy bazaars, shops, huge gatherings and other vulnerable places due to security related issues. However, it was impossible to confine children in four walls of house.

“We are trying our best to let them stay at home, but children insist to go out,” said one Mukhtiar Ali.

Ahad, a student of class 3 in Cantonment Board High School, shared that despite the parental advice to refrain from going outside, they have enjoyed the vacations playing cricket here at the track.

Certain students were yearning to join their school again to meet and chat with friends.

Adil, a student of class 2, said after a moment silence, “Now, I am fed up with the extended holidays...its pleasure to go to school and meet with class fellows.”

Certain students were still enthusiastic about more vacations. They expressed that vacations have ended very quickly; however, they are not ready to end their unmatched freedom during holidays.