I salute the superior judiciary for it recent judgment in CRP.No.193/2013. The superior judiciary upheld the principle of fair play and equal opportunities to all, as enshrined in the constitution. It categorically rejected the Sindh government’s move to bypass the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC), over appointments in grade 16 and above and ordered to make such hiring strictly through SPSC. It is said that around 400 jobs of TMOs, CMOs, Doctors and Engineers from grade 16 to 18 have been already made, bypassing SPSC. Nonetheless, Supreme Court must have stricken down the appointments made by Sindh government in last 7 years by flagrant violation of article 240, 242 and Sindh Services Rules, 1990. I am requesting the Sindh government, whose chief executive also happens to be an advocate, to shun the malpractice of blessing political cronies and follow the constitution and guidelines provided by the Supreme Court.


Larkana, January 8.