Islamabad - The main goal of cultural institutions is to bring correction in the identity of the coming generations and make sure that the cultural identity is deep rooted among them, said Dr Fouzia Saeed, Executive Director Lok Virsa.

“Our institutions should focus on character building of the youth, besides preserving and promoting the cultural identity and maintaining this identity through passing it on to the coming generations,” she said while talking to APP.

Culture should perform a healing role for the nation which becomes healthier if there is plenty of cultural activities and the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa was playing its due role to keep people busy in such activities, she said. The activities of Lok Virsa including exhibitions, festivals, training workshops, youth activities, musical evenings, movie screening, annual fair and visits of thousands of students to Heritage Museum focus on involving the masses into positive and healthy activities and educate them on rich cultural heritage and traditions of the country.

“Our focus is to invest in our children, women, youth and every segment of the society to give them a sound cultural identity well rooted in our folk heritage. Our languages and rich multifaceted traditions, of dress, food and customs are actually the prime source and fountain head of the Pakistani culture, which we all need to strengthen,” she maintained.

Lok Virsa always tries to bring a new innovation in its programs and projects so that they can attract the attention of all classes of the society. Lok Virsa supports folk and all forms of traditional and classical music that are threatened to vanish due to modern onslaught and lack of due patronage with a view to ensure their revival and continuance, she said.

Besides other programs, the Mandwa Film club movie screening and Craft of the Month Program is serving the masses as a regular feature to engage them in cultural activities throughout the month with different themes.