ISLAMABAD - One of the main accused of DHA City (Lahore) scam, Hammad Arshad - who is in the NAB custody - has partially agreed to return the money to save himself and the brother of former army chief general Kiyani, well-placed sources told The Nation yesterday.

Sources in the NAB said that the bureau has also decided to write a letter to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for getting the bank details of all prime accused in the Rs15.74 billion scam including Kamran Kiyani and other former army officers.

The sources maintained that NAB offered Hammad to either return the money or make good of the shortfall of land to DHA and Hammad has partially agreed to the offer.

The case has just kicked off and NAB is not sure whether it will need to arrest Kamran Kiyani, and in case his arrest is inevitable the services of Interpol could be availed, the sources maintained.

Details reveal that NAB started the investigation on the complaints of DHA officials and arrested one of the main accused, Hammad Arshad, last week. The accused collected Rs15.74 billion from 26,000 people by deceiving them through a fake housing project.

Basically, the DHA City project was launched in 2009 to facilitate the families of army martyrs, wounded and army soldiers of the country by allotting them the small or large size plots in credit of their services.

Hammad Arshad of Globco Company and Kamran Kiyani of Elysium Company offered the services to assist the DHA City by acquiring land for the project. But they failed to give the plots to the families of martyrs and soldiers and other people during the last six years. They had to acquire 25,000 kanals of land and develop it but so far only 13,000 kanals have been acquired.

The sources said that Hammad has agreed to make good of the shortfall of the land and he will return the remaining amount. NAB expanded the investigation of the case and started the investigation of Kamran Kiyani who is currently in Dubai. NAB had put the names of all accused on the Exit Control List (ECL).

On the other side, Brig (r) Amjad Parvez Kayani, another brother of former army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, issued a statement last Sunday and clarified that the ex-army chief has nothing to do with their deeds.

When The Nation contacted NAB spokesman Asim Ali Nawazish, he said that the bureau had put the name of Kamran Kiyani on ECL and has asked him to return to Pakistan for recording his statement to NAB. He said if Kamran Kiyani ignores the NAB orders, the bureau reserves the right to contact Interpol in this regard.

He also said Hammad is under investigation and these are speculations that the bureau has offered him some choice.