The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry has urged the government not to take any pressure on China-Pak Economic Corridor and ensure its completion within the given timeframe.

LCCI President Sheikh Muhammad Arshad, Senior Vice President Almas Hyder and Vice President Nasir Saeed said that some are asking right questions but there are quite a few who are chanting slogans against China-Pak Economic Corridor despite the fact that this project is bound to turn Pakistan into a great investment destination.

“Government should complete CPEC at any cost and left all pressure behind as people against CPEC are those who made Kalabagh Dam controversial and don’t want to see Pakistan economically stable”, the LCCI office-bearers said.

They said that China-Pak Economic Corridor would start a new era of progress and prosperity in the country therefore it should be handled with extra are.

The LCCI office-bearer said that it will not be wrong to say that the economic benefits of this project are hard to estimate. China has already promised to invest more than 46 billion dollars in this connection. This project has the potential to work as a game changer.

They said that although both the governments are closely collaborating in this project but at the same time, the private sectors of Pakistan and China are going to have a bigger role to play in this mega project.

They said that China-Pak Economic Corridor is an overall cooperation platform with a focus on the long-term development of bilateral cooperation in various fields.

The LCCI office-bearers said that Pakistan is bound to become economically strong and independent with never ending chain of investments from China. It will only be possible if the respective private sector representatives play their due role much proactively.

They said that this mega project should be completed at any cost as undoubtedly, it has the potential to turn Pakistan into pivot of regional cooperation. They said that if Pakistan uses this opportunity wisely, it would enable it to harvest the economic benefits this corridor has to offer, it can considerably strengthen its regional power and esteem and prove a more priceless long-term ally for Beijing. This project would also bring development and prosperity to the people of around ten developing nations.