FPCCI announces elections of business councils BoD

KARACHI (NNI): FPCCI has announced the schedule of elections of the Board of Directors of its Business Councils with different countries.Each Business Council will have a 9 member of Board of Directors formed through elections process by the number of the concerned Business Council. Elections will however be held of only those Business Councils which have membership of 20 or more. The Business Councils of FPCCI with different countries have been playing a vital role in promotion of bilateral trade and economic relations with the respective countries. They also facilitate the members in identifying and exploring new opportunities and joint ventures/possibilities besides organizing participations in trade, fair and exhibitions and visit of trade delegations.

Moreover, details of the Business Councils are available on FPCCI website.

Entrepreneurship one of most

important drivers of development

ISLAMABAD (INP): Entrepreneurship was one of the most important drivers of economic development & self-employment and it should be made a part of schools syllabus to develop entrepreneurial spirit in students right from their formative age. This was urged by Sheikh Pervez Ahmed, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while inaugurating Annual Meena Bazaar at Hillsdale School, F-8/3, Islamabad as the chief guest.He said development of entrepreneurial skills in youth will enhance productivity growth and enable students to become effective players in community and society after completion of their education.

He hoped that Meena Bazaar would be helpful in polishing the talent and abilities of the students.

The Annual Meena Bazaar provided a good opportunity to students and teachers come together with their families and friends for a day of fun and enjoyment. The colorful event featured various stalls of food, fun, cosmetics and other items of many countries displaying an array of unique ideas. The appealing stalls were beautifully adorned and decorated by the students offering a variety of attractions. Large crowds of students and family members were witnessed taking keen interests in various stalls, especially food and cosmetics.

The chief guest appreciated the extraordinary efforts put up by the participants and organizers that marked the remarkable success of the event.He said such activities should be organized on regular basis in schools to provide opportunities to students to unleash their entrepreneurial talent which will greatly help them in practical life.

26 oil, gas discoveries under evaluation: Ministry

ISLAMABAD (APP): Oil and gas exploration companies operating in the country are evaluating around 26 discoveries, made in different localities, to determine exact potential of the new finds, official sources in the Ministry of Petroleum said. “Around 26 discoveries are under evaluation having estimated over one trillion cubic feet (TCF) reservoirs,” they said. The govt’s efforts to fulfill the growing energy needs, they said, had started yielding results as 67 new oil and gas discoveries had so far been made. Sharing achievements of the govt, they said, a total of 227 wells had been drilled while 46 new exploration licenses were awarded to different oil and gas exploration companies, which was a record performance in the country’s history.

During tenure of the current government, the sources informed that the country had witnessed oil production level exceeding 1,00,000 barrels per day for the first time in its history.

Training to enhance Pak livestock sector emergency preparedness

ISLAMABAD (APP): Two top veterinary emergency response experts affiliated with the international Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) Project will lead a weeklong train-the-trainer workshop for Pakistan’s emergency response officials. The LEGS Project is partnering with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to enhance emergency preparedness within Pakistan’s livestock sector. The training will provide skills and materials to enable participants to become LEGS trainers, who will then be able to train additional people in their organizations and regions.

Speaking at the first day of training, USDA Animal Health Advisor Dr. Jack Mortenson said, “This training is one of the first steps for animal emergency plans at the local level across Pakistan.

This advanced planning will contribute to minimizing animal deaths and decreased production during natural disasters.”

The Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) is a set of international procedures for the design, implementation, and assessment of livestock interventions to assist people affected by humanitarian crises. They are based on livelihood objectives that aim to provide rapid assistance to protect and rebuild the livestock assets of crisis-affected communities.

2015 saw 12pc growth in

broadband penetration

ISLAMABAD (APP): Thanks to millions of 3G and 4G users, the year 2015 witnessed 12pc growth in broadband penetration from mere 2.07pc in 2014. At the end of Nov 2015, total number of broadband subscribers reached 24.78m, out of which 21.68m broadband users were on 3G/4G technology while remaining 1.5 million broadband users were on DSL and another 1.3m on EvDO. Clearly this huge uptake in broadband is result of 3G/4G services and interestingly less than 20pc mobile phone users out of total 124m subscribers have shifted to 3G/4G networks, indicating that there is huge potential available in market and this growing number of broadband users in Pakistan will grow further for several years to come.

Experts on Monday recalled the dial-up era of 1990s, when basic email and internet services were introduced in Pakistan but it was only 2001 when broadband services (DSL) in Pakistan were introduced for first time.