WASHINGTON:  Pakistan is taking serious steps to apprehend the conspirators behind the terrorist strike at the Pathankot Air Force base, the United States has said.

As uncertainty looms over the Foreign Secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan scheduled for January 15, the U.S efforts are in a direction to ensure that they remain on track.

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last week about the need for continuing dialogue in general terms, State Department spokesperson John Kirby said Monday.

“We do not talk much in detail about the diplomatic conversations. He came away believing that the Pakistani government is serious about this particular incident, serious about investigating it, serious about trying to work with partners in the region, Afghanistan specifically,” a senior State Department official said, referring to the conversation between Mr. Kerry and Mr. Sharif.

Asked whether Mr. Kerry noticed any change in Pakistan’s tone, since it had made similar promises in the context of Mumbai also, the official said: “I am not going to define it as change in tone. I think, we all recognize that more can be done, including by Pakistan. But that does not mean that we would not keep working at it.”

Meanwhile, John Kirby, refused to comment whether the U.S received any feedback on investigations into the attack.

“I don’t have any additional detail. We note and we’re encouraged by the fact that the Pakistani government condemned the attack and said that they would investigate. Our expectation is that investigation will be thorough and complete and as transparent as possible. But in terms of its progress and where they are, you’d have to talk to Pakistani authorities on it,” Mr. Kirby said.