PESHAWAR - The KP government remained unsuccessful to get the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prevention of Conflict of Interest Bill-2015 passed from the assembly even in the longest session of the house, which was formally prorogued here on Monday.

The purpose of the Bill is to establish clear conflict of interest and related post employments principles for public office holders to prevent and minimize the possibility of conflicts arising between private interests and public duties of public office holders.  

Also, if there is any conflict in the public interests, an independent commission with the mandate to determine the measures necessary to avoid conflict of interest and to determine whether a contravention of this Act has occurred to encourage experienced and competent persons to seek and accept public office and to facilitate interchange between the private and the public sectors.

The KP Assembly met yesterday with Deputy Speaker Dr. Meher Taj Roghani in the chair. The agenda of the house as an additional item also included the passage Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prevention of Conflict of Interest Bill-2015. But due to the lack quorum it could not be adopted and the proceedings of the house were prorogued for an indefinite period. Soon after the recitation from Holy Qur’aan, Uzma Khan, a female lawmaker from JUI-F, and Sardar Hussain of PPP pinpointed the lack of quorum in the house and the Deputy Speaker had to go for counting and found only 26 members in the house.

The lack of quorum prompted the Deputy Speaker for issuing directives for the ringing of the bells for two minutes. But, the house still remained in disorder and she had to adjourn the proceedings for 15 minutes.

Though the house resumed proceedings, but the house was still lacked the quorum leaving the Deputy Speaker with no other option but to prorogue the house.