Valiant sons and daughters of this soil, men like Shabbir Shariff laid down their lives to defend honor, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal’s Pakistan. I remember Shabbir Sharif, my senior in St Anthony High School, a physically fit and athletic sportsman, who was never a bully, but a man with character and qualities of leadership, earning respect from others. May his soul rest in eternal peace and Almighty accept his Shahadat and sacrifice to defend honor, dignity and lives of millions of men, women and children for whom Pakistan is their sole motherland, a country where they would live and die with their families and assets located here.

It is unfortunate that greed for power and quick financial benefits would blind many whose conscience was in hibernation, men like Zia, Musharraf and corrupt elected political leaders in connivance with paid public office holders would have no hesitation later to compromise our sovereignty. These greedy men have plunged this country and its citizens to terrorism, endangering their lives from within, facilitating foreign funding for anti-state activities with help of few conniving members of our civil bureaucracy and sensitive agencies.


Lahore, December 6.