Islamabad - The journalists yesterday staged a protest demonstration in front of the Parliament House against alleged rigging and violation of election code of conduct in the general election of National Press Club (NPC).

The journalists from JAGO Panel, United Panel, cameramen association and producers association participated in the protest. The journalists started gathering at the Cabinet Gate of the Parliament House at around 03:00pm before the start of the National Assembly session to voice their concerns over alleged rigging in the National Press Club elections.

The election body of NPC had declared senior journalist Shakeel Ajnum as the winner for presidential seat and Imran Yaqoob Dilhon as secretary general in January 4 election. The main contesting panels including JAGO and United boycotted the election process in the middle of polling process while levelling allegations of rigging, fake votes in the voter list and violation of election code of conduct.

The protestors were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans: “Fake votes unacceptable, fake journalists unacceptable, we want re-polling.” They demanded that there should be scrutiny of NPC voter lists through impartial and senior journalists of impeccable character.

Then new election schedule of NPC should be announced in the light of new voter lists. They alleged that the previous administrations of NPC had stuffed fake voters in the lists to ensure victory of a specific group and a number of voters were not genuine journalists.