DHA is the premier housing society of Pakistan. Over the years, DHA has earned the reputation of providing state-of-the-art facilities including transport infrastructure and amenities such as recreational parks etc. to both residents and visitors alike.

I would like to draw the attention of DHA Lahore administration to one of the pressing issues impacting residents of ‘Q’ Block (ex. Air Avenue), Phase-8. DHA has finalized plans to convert amenity plots (recreational parks) into residential / commercial plots in Phase-8.

The residents of this area have made DHA their home through their hard-earned money to live in a society which would allow them safe and healthy environment. Such a scheme will not only bring a bad name to DHA’s reputation, but also deprive the residents of the area of a healthy activity which is presently available in the form of recreational parks.

I would request DHA to reconsider scrapping the proposed plan in the best interests of the residents since such a scheme will not only result in degradation of the environment but also take away the healthy activity for DHA residents in the area concerned, which is one of the major reasons why residents choose to live in DHA.


Lahore, December 6.