We’ve often come across tales of how difficult a life is when it is journeyed by a ‘woman’.  No one can entirely differ from it in the name of provisions offered by every religion, society, culture and other pillars of life. Where women enjoy certain privileges bestowed by our gracious society, they also face trepidations and turmoil, when they give up implying the happy-go-lucky phenomena. Let’s begin with life as a daughter: if you’ve been fortunate enough to open your eyes in a family where you stand no less than man, half your battle is won.

Conversely, if you are brought up in a traditional household, your battle my friend has just started. Oppression would range from donning the preselected garbs to a preselected spouse! There is nothing wrong in this trend though, whatever your parents decide for you is always is the best in most matters. But the ‘freedom’ that your male counterparts, relatives, siblings have a taste of, would always remain unknown to you.

When you head towards pursuing a degree from college, the most appreciated and accepted course of education for you will be ‘medicine’ or the ever popular ‘education’.  Well you see, studying business won’t make you a CEO neither pursuing an engineering degree would make you an engineer; because, that my mate are men’s turf, where you petite gender don’t stand a chance.

Have you ever wondered why women and minorities are given margins/leverages in a few placement positions? Why do we get excited when a woman’s achievement is proclaimed to the world? The answer is simple, in a scenario where after being hunger stricken for months, when from somewhere you receive a generous meal, what and how do you feel? The reaction that you pour is reflexive and is tantamount to the excitement that you inculcate after witnessing an achievement from this petite gender. The question that comes to mind is: should we blame our male centric society for the lack of opportunities for making it in the big picture? Do we have sufficient opportunities for women in this part of the world? We cannot entirely deny the fact that opportunities are created they aren’t developed by some mysterious unknown benevolent. You can either crib about being mistreated or discriminated or you can raise your voice against it.

The rule is as simple as that, you can’t sit complaining about suffering all your life.  I believe the mentality has remained the same over the years; it has rather got worse now.  When you’re out shopping, you’d find yourself being objectified by every eye you go pass, in some cases you’d find fellow women struck by the ‘staring’ syndrome. Passing lecherous remarks, calling names are a few gestures bestowed by the ‘man’-kind. ‘Women drivers have no civic sense’, ‘That car driver seems to be a little crazy in the head, she must be a woman’- these comments are quite familiar to you and I. The only thing I can never comprehend in this matter is – what does your gender have to do with the ‘grades’ awarded in context to your driving skills? I have witnessed quite an overwhelming number of men, not ready to take another lane, or reluctant in giving way to a car being driven by a female.

Does it hamper one’s male ego, if they decide on making way for a lady? Not completely writing off some of the most chivalrous men out there, who gave way to your cars, keep lifts open for you, open doors, help you out if your car breaks down or out-of-respect offer their seats in public transports - these men definitely can never be ignored. However, they also expect your appreciation in return for the good deeds they offer. Ladies, remember to acknowledge their gestures with a warm ‘Thank you’.

Your attitude, ignorance can put off someone completely altogether. Advancing towards a woman’s conjugal life - for starters you’re expected to wake up before anyone else in the hood wakes up. Fair enough, you are the lady of the house; however, it would be great if the head of the family also decides to help you out in something or the other.

I’ve known and heard of quite a number of men, who take charge of their responsibilities, and do not bat an eyelid in giving off their best, if they find themselves stuck in a woman’s shoes. A son, a priority for the most, has its own 'essence' for some, who consider their male offspring as the torch-bearer of the family. On the contrary, there are some who consider their daughters no less than a son, and are quite satiated with their presence.

The point of discussion is not limited to the spectrum of discrimination, as we cannot deny that every individual has a different perspective, principles of life, values and nurturing for that matter. The segregation that takes places at different thresholds in life, happen because of individuals, mortals who write off the difference that equality can create. Now that violence against women is quite rampant at every level, it is time that we educate one and all about the responsibilities and privileges enjoyed by both the genders. Because if not now, you can never bring about the much needed revamp in our societies.

Just like technology is advancing with advancement in time, it is vital that this sensitive and incomprehensible division of rights, duties and mannerisms are pondered upon. Feminism after all, is not such a bad thing – rather I feel it is the need of the hour.