ISLAMABAD -  Due to disruption in gas supply and low pressure to domestic users, the government yesterday discontinued supply of gas to CNG stations in Punjab, fertilizer industry and independent power producers (IPPs), it was learnt reliably.

The Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) informed the CNG association that the CNG stations located in Punjab and Islamabad will not receive any gas supply due to low gas pressure in various areas of the country. According to SNGPL, CNG stations in Punjab will remain closed from 6:00PM on Wednesday to 6:00 PM on Saturday. Due to biting cold these days, domestic consumers are facing low gas pressure which has created resentment among the gas users. The low gas pressure has made cooking impossible for the people and forced them to use alternate fuels. Taking notice of the gas users miseries, a parliamentary committee last week directed the SNGPL and SSGC authorities to resolve the issue of low gas pressure as soon as possible.

The gas supply to CNG stations in Quetta has already been discontinued, the Sindh CNG stations are facing routine three days a week closure while gas to half of the CNG stations in KP have also been discontinued.

Meanwhile, a source in SNGPL said that CNG to the fertilizer industry and two Independent power producers (IPPs) were also discontinued.

According to sources in SNGPL, the decision was taken due to low gas pressure faced by the domestic consumers. “Domestic consumers are our top priority and the gas supply to CNG stations, fertilizer industry and IPPs was discontinued to ensure the smooth supply of gas to the household. The supply to fertilizer industry and two IPPs will be restored as soon as the gas pressure improves, the source said.  However, when an office-bearer of the CNG association was asked that supply of the gas to the CNG stations in Punjab region was disconnected as they were already getting RLNG and not dependent on the local gas, the official responded that they did not have their own RLNG supply mechanism and were taking gas from SNGPL that’s why the supply was continued.”.

Out of the total 3,495 CNG stations in Pakistan 2,400 are located in Punjab zone but after deepening of gas crisis in 2014 supply to Punjab CNG stations was suspended but it was partially restored in June 2015 under new rules. The restoration of gas supply to CNG stations in Punjab is made possible through the imported re- gasified LNG (RLNG). According to new policy, RLNG will be provided to those CNG stations that furnish additional deposits of Rs 1.2 million. So far around 1,000 CNG stations in Punjab zone have been converted to RLNG.