LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz City President Pervez Malik has said Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan wants to impede progress.

“Imran Khan wasted time of the nation in the past and he would do the same in future” he told the media his office yesterday.

The PML-N lawmaker charged cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan with committing a ‘national crime’ and said, this time the nation will not let him do so. He said due to the policies of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz  policies, the country is going to end loadshedding and other major issues to bring in  economic revolution.

End to the loadshedding means availability of electricity to the industry and end to unemployment, he said adding, economic uplift is also a good source to root out terrorism side by side lifting standard of the life of the people. Pervez Malik said people are “poised to take those to task in the election 2018 who tried to spoil the development programme of the government and keep the masses poor”.  And the day is not far away, when all problems of the country will end and the nation enter the phase of prosperity and economic welfare, he added. The PML-N lawmakers said the PTI did nothing for the public betterment.