The Qatari prince is himself amongst those named in the Panama scandal. It’s a tragedy that a country like Pakistan, whose founder was a man of impeccable integrity and character, is to be ruled by a series of mediocre men, obsessed with greed. On November 19, over 300,000 Malaysians wearing yellow shirts were protesting in Kuala Lumpur, calling for resignation and trial of the PM accused of corruption. However, he has produced a letter from another Arab prince to bail him out. 

Fault lies not with democracy because accountability, transparency, supremacy of law are pillars on which the system functions. The problem lies with the mindset of those elected who forget that it’s the constitution from which they derive legality to hold power. That fact makes it mandatory for them to follow the sayings of the constitution. 

The PM derives power from the parliament which the same house in which he gave a statement which now stands to be contradictory because of a letter written by the Qatari prince, according to which there exists close ties between these two business families. It is time the parliament and superior judiciary jointly enforce rule of law in this country and bring to justice those involved in financial terrorism through institutionalised corruption, flight of capital as well as money laundering otherwise our sovereignty is at stake. 


Malaysia, November 19.