If Murree is the Queen of Hills, then Gorakh Hill, Sindh is a lonely majestic king. What an immense beauty! I wonder how could such a scenic place be ignored by the tourism department. 

Last night, deadly accident at Gorakh Hill station caused by the rollover of the vehicle while driving to Gorakh which caused the death of one person named Ibrahim, and his other fellow Ashraf is still in critical condition. The road from Wahi Pandi to Gorakh Hills is in a dilapidated condition. 

PPP is claiming, falsely, that it has developed Gorakh as Murree, but their development can be imagined that they even have not constructed the road. How will they develop the entire Gorakh itself? The road of Gorakh is so dangerous that every year it takes lives, but Gorakh Hill authority is doing nothing except slumbering. 

In the fiscal year 2016-17, 80 million rupees were granted to the Gorakh Hills Development Authority, not a single penny of the budget has spent on it. Gorakh is as it was decades ago except a highly rated restaurant is built, and that is not built to facilitate the tourists. Although it is another source of earning as the owner, workers are the people of PPP, and they have strictly prohibited others to not to inaugurate any restaurant or shop. Even locales are restricted too. They do not have any source of earning. Neither Gorakh Hill authority provides them the opportunity to work, nor the authority allows them to open their source themselves. 

The lack of government enterprise is not attracting tourists here. We have 23 million people in Karachi who have to travel all the way to KP or Murree for a hill station. What if they found a hill station area in Sindh, and that should provide some basic facilities for tourists like a good road leading to the top, security, motels, cable car, etc. 


Hyderabad, December 25.