Pakistan is one of the countries that face a daunting challenge of climate change. Despite using eight percent of its total national GDP, Pakistan is facing several threats of climate change. The climate change problems are multiple ranging from receding glaciers which could reduce water supply permanently, leading to famine, drought, and internal and external migration. The reason at the helm of affairs is that the state has yet not recognized the very matter as fundamental and disastrous one. However, it is clear as crystal that the very menace is the topmost and destructive enemy to economic growth.  

If it is given space and neglected, it will destabilize Pakistan’s economic visions under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). So that, Pakistan has to initially consider the problem very sensitive and fatal. The country must leave no stone unturned to participate and ratify in global organizations including the Paris Agreement that is aimed at keeping the temperature at 1.5 Celsius. 


Shikarpur, December 29.