KARACHI - Mayor Wasim Akhtar said that whole country was protesting on the brutal killing of little Zainab, we need to raise our voices on this issue. “Those who committed this heinous crime must be given exemplary punishment”.

He expressed these views at a protest organised by civil society representatives against Kasur incident at Karachi Press Club on Thursday. Chairman of city council committee Arshad Hassan, Farhat Khan, councillor Tehsin Abidi and others also attended the protest.

The mayor said that the people of Karachi are very sad on this tragic incident and want that the criminals must be arrested and punished at every cost. 

He called this unfortunate that despite of repeated incidents of child abuse in our country no solid measures had been adopted and the elements behind such atrocities were still free.

He said that the government and the law enforcement agencies must take strict action against such crimes and ensure protection of all citizens especially children

On this occasion, initiator of Human Development Foundation Rana Asif said that a strong system to strengthen child protection in Pakistan is required and no culprit will bring to justice without police and judicial system reforms.

He said that the government is spending billions of rupees on infrastructure development but no ministry was set up by any government for child protection.

He said in 2017 a total of 1764 cases of child sexual abuse were reported out of 11 were in Kasur only. However due to corruption people usually do not report child abuse cases.

He said that the complaint response system in Pakistan was not in accordance with the international accords and declaration for child rights.

City councillor Tehsin Abidi said legislation on provincial and federal level is need of the hour to provide protection to children in our country.