“I have nothing to say; I just want justice

for my daughter.”

–Zainab’s Father

In 2015, the people of Kasur launched a mass protest against child pornography and child sex abuse. Many of the victims were male kids. They were filmed and then threatened to sell the video to porn websites if not paid the ransom. In one case, father of a victim was demanded to pay 1.2 million rupees otherwise face the consequences. The government assured the people that the justice would be provided to the people. However, it was observed that some high profile people were also allegedly involved in the criminal activity; therefore, no substantial proceeding was seen.

Recently, another brutal case of child sex abuse happened in Kasur. Unfortunately, the relevant authorities adopted a violent way to suppress the rage of people, and Minister Rana Sanaullah directed people to control their sentiments. The authorities should provide justice to Zainab.