LAHORE -  Former information minister Senator Pervaiz Rasheed has strongly suspected installation of a technocrat government in the country through the protest of the political parties lined up with Pakistan Awami Tehreek on the Model Town issue.

Currently, a thought is at work to set up a technocrat government or a government on Bangladesh model (government of the judges) to prevent PML-N from winning the next elections, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed told this scribe yesterday.

Senator Pervaiz said at the moment a ‘script’ and a ‘blueprint’ carrying two to three options is being executed against the PML-N government through the PAT and the parties under its umbrella on the Model Town incident. The mainstream rival parties of PML-N, PPP, PTI and PML-Q, have no chance to win the next general elections, so their utmost desire is to stop the polls from taking place, the former information minister feared. He said this ‘thought’ is being pushed ahead by the forces that the media reports suggest had previously fielded the parties like Tehreek-e-Labbaik and others. And the PAT-led protest, he said, seems to have no purpose other than creating law and order situation and chaos in the Punjab to achieve the end which, he vowed, the PML-N government would not allow in any case.

The former information minister said PTI chief Imran Khan would not like the polls to be held unless the chances of his party’s win and his becoming the prime minister are certain, for which Khan has pursued the journey from badshah to the peerni. “The same is about Asif Ali Zardari whose PPP does not have even candidates to field in the next elections in the Punjab and this fact is evident from the recently held by-election in Chakwal,” he added. In the light of these facts when both the main parties have no chance of winning the elections, they are running away from the field and siding with Dr Tahirul Qadri whose PAT has no standing in the parliamentary politics of the country, but wants to create disturbance, the PML-N senator said, adding it is notable that the persons who don’t like to shake hands with one another have joined hands for the joint purpose. He alleged the interest of these parties is not in the elections, but in creating anarchy and disturbance.

What purpose the protest would serve four months ahead of the next elections, if they are interested in taking part in the elections, he questioned.

He said PPP and PTI want that the hands of Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif should be tied so that they could win the elections with no one standing against them.

Alluding to the Supreme Court decision against Nawaz Sharif, Senator Pervaiz said people from every walk of life have expressed reservations over it, adding the courts express themselves silently through their decisions and not the way it has been done in Nawaz Sharif’s case. “It appears through the verdict that the law has been surrendered to politics,” he asserted. He said it is not the PML-N, but the public sentiments against the decision that were taking the central stage and the PML-N, respecting the public feelings, was presenting its point of view through public meetings of the party president. He said Nawaz Sharif is out to translate the public sentiments into words and would thwart every design against the government and the next elections with the support of the masses.

When questioned whether public meetings by Nawaz Sharif could assume any harsher course, he answered it would depend on the circumstances and the need.