MIRPURKHAS - Scores of pushcart owners have blocked the main Market Chowk, MA Jinnah Road on Thursday to protest against traffic police.

Report said that pushcart owners under the banner of Pushcart Owners Association Mirpurkhas carrying banners and placards raised slogans against traffic police and traffic sergeant Abdul Hafeez Arain.

They were led by pushcart owners Saleem, Khalid and Javed. They blocked the MA Jinnah Road by standing pushcarts on the road. The protesters blamed that traffic constables Imran, Shakeel, led by sergeant Abdul Hafeez Arain allegedly received bribe from them for allowing them to stand their carts at Mirwah Road, etc.

They alleged that if any pushcart owner refused to pay bribe, he was batton-charged and displaced from his area.

They said that traffic police selected a pushcart owner for collection of bribe.

They warned that if the illegal practice of traffic police was not stopped then they would be compelled to launch protest campaign against traffic police.

They demanded the SSP Mirpurkhas to take stern action against the corrupt police officials.

Meanwhile, speaking at the press conference pushcart owners Javed , Saleem, Khalid, Haris and Ashok blamed that they had been facing violence of traffic sergeant and traffic constables whenever they refused to pay bribe and displaced from their sale point area.

They strongly condemned the traffic police and urged the IGP, DIG and SSP Mirpurkhas to take immediate notice of the incident.

Besides, MQM-P lawmaker Dr Zafar Ahmed Kamali also condemned the traffic police for torturing the pushcart owners and urged the higher authorities to provide justice to the poor pushcart owners.