KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the rape and killing of 7-year-old Zainab in Punjab’s district Kasur and demanded the Punjab government to arrest the culprit.

The resolution also condoled with the aggrieved family and expressed sympathy saying that that the incident that occurred is a message for the entire society. It further called for taking concrete steps to safeguard the children from such inhumane people. The lawmakers while expressing their emotions on the resolution said that those involved in such activities with innocent children should be given strict punishment.

“Those involved should not only be hanged but a law should also be formulated for the safeguard of children that anyone should think of thousand times before doing such acts,” they said.

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Nisar Ahmed Khuhro while speaking on the resolution that was jointly brought by treasury and opposition benches said that Kasur incident was terrible and those involved in it do not deserve any pity.

MQM lawmaker Heer Soho called for keeping an eye on children and educating them as to how they could defend themselves from such activities and people.

“Workshops should be organised for creating awareness among parents and children over this issue,” she said.

MQM Parliamentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed said that the incident was horrible and the opposition leader in Sindh Khwaja Izhar ul Hassan had gone to Kasur to meet the aggrieved family and condole with them on behalf of the Sindh province and their representatives.

PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Sehar Abbasi said that those involved in such acts are roaming freely and the children could become victim of their inhuman act. “Do we have to imprison our girls to safeguard them. We all had to play a unanimous role against these animals,” she said and further demanded to hang the culprits involved in it openly.

Adviser to CM on Social Welfare Shamim Mumtaz said that the incidents of striping women, raping girls and blackmailing while filming their videos are occurring regularly in Punjab province and authorities concerned should take stern action against those involved in it.

She said that Sindh government had made laws for safeguarding children and the clerics should play their role for creating awareness regarding it,” she said. The minister said that such case should be sent to anti-terror courts and speedy trials should be carried out in it.

“Although PPP is against hangings but such culprits should be openly hanged,” she said.

PTI lawmaker Seema Zia said that the incident of Zainab had made them cry and it is the failure of the state in safeguarding the citizens.

She said that the people of Kasur had shown the intensity of the incident by coming out in large numbers on roads but it is unfortunate and condemnable as to how the police had opened fire on the protestors.

PML-N lawmaker Sorath Thebo said that all mothers of the country are filled with grief over the incident of Zainab and such incidents are reported not alone in Punjab but also in Sindh, Balochistan and KPK. The Sindh province had also witnessed the incidents with Fazila Sarki and Tania Khaskheli and their parents are still roaming to get justice, she said.

She said that those influential’ always comes in way of justice in these cases and strict action be taken against not only the criminals but also those supporting them.

The House also passed a bill titled Sindh Public procurement amendment bill 2018 aimed at exempting certain services from procurement rules including advisory services, services of lawyers by the provincial departments and others.

The house also passed a resolution paying tribute to the deceased Sindh Assembly lawmaker Ruqaiya Khanum Somroo. It was moved by PPP lawmaker Saira Shahalwani. It said that Khannum was the founder members of the PPP and was a hardworking woman.

She had made a great struggle against the dictatorships and despite being from poor background she not only became an MPA but also member of national Assembly. Her services for the democracy would be remembered forever. The House was later adjourned for Friday morning.