Why we do we criticize others? Why do we feel other people are inferior or superior to us? Why do we make jokes about others? Is it because we are better than them? Sigh! We live in a society where we have forgotten not only our religious teachings but also moral values. All the creatures including human beings have one God. All the human beings are born with one brain and one heart. Same blood flows in other people’s body like in ours. We all are born in the same way.  

None of us is born as an Alien. We are named as same, ‘Human Beings.’ All of us fall into the same category. Then why do we hesitate in talking with other people? Why do we think other will make jokes about us? All of us have the heart for emotions and feelings. Things should be made easy rather than making them complex. We must try to ignore other’s mistakes and focus on their plus points. Try to learn from others. Look into the good things. Only then this life will become less difficult than it is now for all of us! 


Lahore, December 29.