Despite considered the hub of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), majority of residents are facing indefinite issues in Gwadar city. Fishermen in the city, however, are protesting on the roads because of snatching their basic rights. Those all poor fishermen who catch and sell fishes in order to feed their children. Unfortunately, owing to the construction of eastbay expressway the Arabian see route is being blocked where they clasped the fishes. Similarly, all poor fishermen are being deprived from their routine practice. On other words, they are chanting in entire day because of their basic rights. Sadly, none of the concerned authorities are ready to tickle this chronic issue.

If government does not let them to sell fishes than government must have to promote employees. Because fishing is the only source by which fishermen are fulfilling their demands.

Provincial government is requested to find concrete solutions for the fishermen and provide beneficial amenities towards them for the humanitarian basis.


Makran, January 1.