ISLAMABAD - President Islamabad High Court Bar Association Syed Javed Akbar Friday tendered his resignation over alleged “humiliating and insulting behaviour” of Chairman Executive Committee of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and three members of Islamabad Bar Association (IBA).

He submitted his resignation to vice president of IHCBA and also condemned their attitude, saying they are dividing the bars into local and non-locals.

In his resignation, Syed Javed Akbar Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan said that he is tendering his resignation from the post of President IHCBA “in protest to dishonest, unethical, illegal, mala fide, humiliating and insulting behaviour of Syed Qalb e Hassan, Chairman Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council, and Shorish, Rafiuddin and Haroon, all the three members of Executive Committee of the Islamabad Bar Council, towards Saeed Khursheed ASC and his friend lawyers, who pursued case of his disqualification as presidential candidate of Islamabad District Bar Association, before the said forums, which illegally and contumaciously delayed, beyond tolerance, first announcement of the decisions, and then delivery of copies thereof.”

“Even the Islamabad High Court restrained itself from intervening and straightening the affairs. As long as such representatives are there, I feel ashamed of myself and uncomfortable to continue as the President. I request our learned Vice President, Akhtar Mahmood, to accept my resignation,” added Akbar.

The IHCBA president continued that he fully trusted his Secretary, his friend and his brother, Raja Faisal Younas, to whom he will be indebted throughout his life for his cooperation and sincere help in their official and personal matters.

He also admired IHCBA vice president Akhtar Mahmood and said that they both are capable enough to run affairs of the Bar in his absence during the remaining current tenure.

 At the end, he concluded: “Let us condemn the leaders, including above four, who are bent upon dividing our Bars into locals and non-locals.”