Pakistan urges Afghan Taliban to accept the Afghan government as a party to the peace process. The Afghan Taliban maintain that as long as American forces are present on Afghan soil, peace will remain a sore dream. True. But what does the militant group want? Do they think of peace talks just as a time-buying tool for driving America out of Afghanistan? Probably, this is end they wish to secure under the garb of peace talks. If this is what they want to achieve, then, another question arises that the Taliban need to answer. Will a civil war not erupt in Afghanistan, if the US forces leave the country without reaching out a negotiated peace deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban?

It is true that America feels exhausted in Afghanistan. And the fact that the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump has already decided to withdraw at least 7000 troops from Afghanistan support the claim. With an upper hand at the moment, the ultimate outcome that the Taliban want is their rule on Afghanistan without any American presence in Afghanistan. Does this mean that the Taliban are living in idealism? While many may say so, it is not a distant dream. The sheer resilience that the group has shown over the years, despite all sorts of assaults against them, suggests that what the Taliban are hoping for can be a difficult task but not idealism.

Despite all such calculations that Taliban and all other sides make to gain maximum benefits for themselves, all the stakeholders probably forget the population of the war-torn country. The people of Afghanistan have suffered long enough from the wars that have not allowed even one peaceful day to the people of Afghanistan since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Therefore, for the sake of the greater common good, it is essential that the Afghan Taliban accede to Pakistan’s plea and start negotiating peace with Afghanistan’s government.