We are aware that the population of the world is increasing day by day. The world population in 2010 was 6,843,522711 in 2016 the world population increased in 7,466,964,280. Scientists estimated that in 2050 the world population will be 10 billion. No one can live in this world. People will be jammed. If we talk about Pakistan in 2016 the birth rate was 29.8 and the death rate was 7.5. This is clear that the death rate is less, but day by day population is increasing which is also a pollution. The population of Pakistan in 2015 was 189,380,513, but when we talk about today’s that is 200,813,818. Because of population the beauty of the country can be finished and people will be fed up.

The population of Punjab is 110,012,442, Balochistan is 12,344,408, and Islamabad is 2006572. The china has made a rule that very couple must have one child.

I want to say that Pakistan governments must make these kind of rules.


Turbat, January 2.a