ISLAMABAD         -          With a complaint resolution rate of 91.32 per cent, Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) has become the most effective tool in redressing people’s complaints.

A statement issued by the PM Office on Saturday reads that appreciating its utility and effectiveness, people from all walks of life can be found on the registered members list of Pakistan Citizen Portal.

According to the latest data, out of 1,397,537 registered members of the PCP, 48,349 are students, 34,995 businessmen, 33,277 engineers, 20,025 civil servants, 16,437 teachers, 14,579 from corporate sector, 9,542 belong to the armed forces, 8,816 doctors, 6,841 social workers, 4616 lawyers, 2,990 senior citizens/retired, 2,615 political worker, 2,309 journalists and 1,695 persons belong to the NGO sector.

A total of 1,653,045 complaints have been received so far from over 1.3 million registered members. Out of these 1,552,529 (93.92pc) have originated from in-land, 94,880 (5.74%) from overseas Pakistani and 5636 (0.34%) from foreigners.  

Province wise break-up shows that 726,133 (43.93%) complaints originated from Punjab were 686,283 successfully resolved.

Out of 564,207 complaints related to federal government, 527,779 have been resolved, it said adding that 189,425 out of 201,177 complaints from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 12,931 out of 15,316 from Balochistan have been resolved while 86,404 (62.6%) complaints out of 137,946 from Sindh have been resolved till date.

The data shows that so far, 11,151 complaints have been received from over 2,300 journalists who are registered members of the Citizen Portal.

 Out of 11,151 complaints 10,203 have been resolved with 91% resolution rate. Out of 11,151 complaints, 5363 complaints related to Punjab, 4071 Federal Government, 1m002 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 543 Sindh, 83 Balochistan, 82 Islamabad Capital Territory, 05 Gilgit Baltistan and 02 complaints were related to Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. 

Category-wise complaints status data states that out of total 1,653,045 complaints, 340339 related to municipal services, 29,9701 energy and power, 179,004 education, 132,161 human rights, 101,153 law & order, 97,764 health, 60,858 communication, 60,605 transport, 60,496 development projects, 60,207 land & revenue, 52,427 overseas Pakistanis, 47,293 media cyber crimes, 28,450 excise & taxation, 18,400 environment and forests, 18,063 investment, 16,639 NADRA, 14,435 licenses and certificates, 13,867 agriculture, 11,784 immigration and passports, 11,168 youth affairs, 4,624 FBR, 3,194 disaster emergency, 573 poverty alleviation and social safety, 414 banking and 277 related to SECP. 

Top ten officers with successful resolution of the complaints remained MD SNGPL with 93,836 resolutions, CEO MEPCO (38,434), Complaint Manager Iesco (27,616), CEO Pesco (22,406), CEO Fesco (21,331), Chairman PTA (14,250), CEO Gepco (13,311), CEO Hesco (12,976), Governor State Bank of Pakistan (11,804) and CEO Sepco with 10,255 resolved complaints. 

The officers with highest number of super-escalated complaints have been Municipal Commissioner District Municipal Corporation Karachi East with 4,942 complaints, Superintendent Engineer, East, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (3,775), Municipal Commissioner DMC Korangi (3,018), Ombudsman, Provincial Ombudsman (Mohtasib) (2,849), Kamyab Jawan Department National Bank of Pakistan (2,279), Municipal Commissioner DMC Karachi West (2,007), Superintendent Engineer South, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (1,665), Municipal Commissioner Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (1,519), Regional Transport Authority Karachi (718) and Municipal Committee Qasimabad District Hyderabad with 654 complaints. Super-escalated complaints are those complaints which remain unresolved beyond specified time limit. 

Pakistan Citizen Portal was established on the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan to create a robust link between the government and the people of Pakistan. The Portal has enabled the citizens to highlight their issues and seek intervention at the highest level for their resolution. 

While encouraging the people to utilise this facility, Prime Minister Imran Khan has also made it very clear that no leniency would shown to any government official who neglects his duty in addressing complaints reported on Citizen Portal.


Citizen Portal becomes effective tool in redressing complaints