One of the most heart wrenching concerns that needs to be addressed properly is the traditionally accustomed rituals of providing dowry to the groom’s family. The bride’s family even if they don’t belong to the upper class community has to bear all the consequences of the societal pressure, and in return has to agree on the huge lists of items that the bride will come along with after marriage.

And this trend is being followed by the upper class families as well. Has anybody ever realized that how much the fathers are burdened in debts when their precious daughters are getting married off? Dowry will not raise your daughters’ status in her in-laws because if relationships are built on such foundations of greed then they will be easily breakable at the times when you will not have that strong financial position to meet their demands.

Marriage wants true values of companionship, trust, love, honesty and respect. These are all the essence that a marriage requires to form a pure relationship. The number of deaths per year is rising due to the dowry issues as this further leads the women to face domestic violence, murders or even suicide.  What the need of the hour are more strict laws related to, “Dowry and Bridal gifts Restriction Acts” to relief this society from this socially accepted bad custom. As it is the most sensitive issue that we as a nation needs to address properly through our actions as well.