While addressing a press conference today with senior MQM-P party members in Karachi, IT Minister Khalid Maqool Siddiqui announced that he will be resigning from the federal cabinet .  

He said that, "we had promised the government that we would help in forming the government and we have fulfilled the promise. However, none of our promises were fulfilled.”

The MQM-P official added that, “it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to remain a part of the Federal Cabinet . My sitting in Cabinet has been raising questions.”

When asked about the ministries proposed by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Siddiqui said that though there had been talks about different ministries, MQM-P would continue it’s cooperation with the government. 

He also mentioned that, “we did not ask for the law ministry neither did we propose Farogh Naseem’s name. The two names that we had proposed for the ministry did not include [Farogh] Naseem’s name. The government had selected his [Farogh Naseem] name on its own,” in response to a question about the alliance ending with the government.