Addressing a delegation from indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Masood Khan said that Kashmir liberation movement will attain its goal. He said that New Delhi is treacherously conspiring to spread distrust, confusion and frustration amongst the residents in IOK. The Kashmiri delegation from IOK met the President AJK at Aiwan-E-Sadr in Muzaffarabad. He emphasised that any Indian attempt to sabotage relationship between Pakistan and AJK will be thwarted without any negligence and that kashmiris on both side of border must not forget their mutual bond and interest. 

The AJK President discussed the ordeal for Kashmiris in IOK which now extends for almost 160 days in count. He reiterated that the problems of Kashmiri refugees will be solved, as he further stated that ''We believe that Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir are two parts of the same state, and the refugees from the occupied valley also have equal rights as their brothers and sisters enjoy in the liberated territory,'' and adding that problems like insufficient accommodation in refugee camps, lack of health and educational facilities and monthly cash allowance would be addressed by the state government.

“The citizens of Azad Kashmir living along the LoC are valiantly facing the Indian aggression – while our 40,000 brethren, who had migrated from Occupied Kashmir, in spite of their problems – remain committed to the liberation movement,” President Masood said, adding that India would never succeed in its heinous attempts.