The Chief of Jamaat-E-Islami, Sirajul Haq, emphasised the importance of educating women. He was addressing the JI's women wing at Quran Institute in Quetta. He suggested that it is upto the Provincial Government to ensure quality education to girls. He further stressed that women constitute half of the population and that society cannot progress without their contribution.

“Jamaat e Islami has been playing its due role for religious and contemporary education of women in Pakistan and Balochistan because we believe without educating girls, the society cannot develop,” he said.

He lamented the deplorable conditions prevailing for women education and he opposed the persistent decline in quality education imparted to girls. We are astonished over the provincial government’s silence on poor educational and health facilities for women” Haq said as he criticised the current government while making an observation that federal government and the mainstream media do not tend ears to issues which trouble the people of the province.