ISLAMABAD (PPI) - Federal Minister for Investment, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan said that in fiscal year 2008-09 China has contributed 31.2 million $ FDI to Pakistan and they are further investing in oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, engineering, agriculture, IT, telecommunication and many other economic sectors in Pakistan. Talking to the media personnel in his office at Cabinet Division, here Saturday, Minister said that frequent inflow of FDI will help us to strengthen our economy and enhance our productivity in industrial and other development sectors. 'This was all possible due to the economic prudence of our political leadership and attractive incentive packages along with liberal investment policies, which we are offering to the both local and foreign investors, he added. Senator Waqar said that Pakistan is offering level-playing field to both local and foreign investors and every sector of its economy is open for investment, both in forex trading and its emerging stock markets operating under most regulated and protective atmosphere promising a good return to the investors which portrays the image of Pakistan as a safe heaven for investment. He said that the present elected government is fully committed to providing the legal protection to the foreign investors and their investment and in this regard the tangible measures are being taken on priority basis so that the confidence of investors may be developed to bring more FDI to Pakistan. 'We are committed to provide conducive business atmosphere to make our economy more resilient and vibrant, the Minister added. Minister further said that the present government recognizes the importance of the power sector and intends to have a more focused approach towards its development on a priority basis. President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is keen to build small dams to fulfill the growing energy demands. Minister informed that the China Metrological Corporation (MCC) has a vast experience in construction of dams so MCC has been asked to carry out these projects to overcome energy shortfall in the country.