THERE have been contradictory reports attributed to officials and private media establishments about Swat head of the TTP Maulana Fazlullah, causing confusion in the public mind. Earlier, it was stated that he had been killed as a result of military operation. But later, there came another version, a confirmation by the military spokesman on Wednesday that he was critically injured. One wonders why unconfirmed news was released and the government had to negate its own version. Of course, keeping the masses on the wrong foot has been a tactic employed by many governments. But the present set up, which is a popularly elected government, must desist from committing such a mistake. Even at present, the same sort of reports are being circulated around. According to a foreign news channel, Maulana Fazlullah has received serious injuries during an air strike and might not be able to survive because medical supplies are not available to him. The place where he has reportedly taken shelter is also far away from any hospital. No doubt, this would support the statements made by the officials but what puzzles one the most is a video message received by a private TV channel in which he is shown as confirming that he is well and in good health. Not only that. He maintained that the top leadership of militants was alive and operating against the security forces. Interestingly, he has also vowed to carry on the fight against the army and struggle for the imposition of Sharia in the Swat valley. Unless the government is sure, it must not issue such reports. Otherwise, it gives the impression that it does not bother much about disseminating correct information about the war on terror. These official proclamations are also bound to affect the morale of troops fighting in the northern areas.