I refer to the PEPCO's ad appearing in the national dailies recently asking the ordinary citizens to report cases of power thefts. The bold ad reads: 'it is a crime against every Pakistani including you. Stop them.' The question arises what are scores of employees in PEPCO doing to detect and arrest the pilferage of power which stands at an alarming figure of 30% of total generation PEPCO staff are supposed to be better equipped and trained to carry out this job. The line staff, meter readers and. Besides, officers are routinely patrolling the distribution network a theft detection staff exists in the organizations for the sole purpose of detection of stealing of power and for bringing the culprits to book. What are all of these people doing? It appears that power thefts are either taking place with the connivance of the distribution personnel or the PEPCO is not fully competent and qualified to handle the job.-ENGR R.A. BHUTTA, Lahore, via e-mail, July 9.