A number of objections have been raised against local bodies system introduced by Gen Musharraf and many of them are widely considered to be correct. Prime Minister Gilani has called it violative provincial autonomy and unconstitutional. At least three provincial governments have expressed dissatisfaction over the system and want to change it. One had expected provincial assemblies to set up committees to discuss the vital issue related to grassroots democracy, formulate suggestions and get the new scheme ratified after a thorough debate. This would have also enabled the media to initiate public discussion on the matter. This was all the more necessary to ensue that whatever alternative system was being proposed was not only in line with the people's aspirations but was also sustainable. What is more the process would have facilitated an orderly transition to a set up more in line with our national requirements. Punjab Minister for Local Bodies Sardar Dost Mohammad Khosa has told media that Punjab cabinet has approved changes to the Local Government Ordinance and sent them to the President for approval. Instead of holding elections to the Local Bodies in August, bureaucrats are being appointed as Administrators to run them for one year. Law and order situation has been cited as the reason for not undertaking the exercise which few would consider tenable. If people in Iraq and Afghanistan can go for polls despite an all out insurgency and amidst suicide attacks, there is no justification for delaying the elections in Pakistan. While there might have been some justification for postponing the elections in Malakand Division, these could have been held in the rest of the country. The fight against the extremist militants is likely to continue for many years and this is no good reason to deny the people the right to choose their representatives to run Local Bodies specifically guaranteed in Article 175(3) of the Constitution simply because the provincial administrations have failed to devise a timely alternative system. According to Mr Khosa the provincial cabinet has formed a committee to suggest amendments to Police Order 2002. The notorious thana culture continues all over the country while Punjab Police has particularly amassed the unenviable reputation for excesses and corruption. Mian Shahbaz Sharif tried but failed to effect any significant improvement in the police working during his first tenure. Despite the police salaries having been sufficiently increased there is little respite to crime in the province. What is highly regrettable is that police encounters, widely perceived to be staged, continue to take place. It is time well thought out modifications are made in the Police Order 2002 to address public grievances.