LAHORE - Hamid Khan led Professional Groups candidate Nasira Iqbal has been elected as president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association on Saturday by defeating her rival candidates in an undisputed election held under the supervision of Punjab Bar Council. Nasira bagged 1,125 votes while her opponents Shahid Bilal Hassan got 820 while Rana Ahmed Saeed obtained only 78 votes. Earlier, Nasira had also been 'elected as president on June 6 in a self -arranged election by former presidents of the Bar but a large number of lawyers boycotted it, saying it futile and illegal exercise. The dispute went to Punjab Bar Council and its disciplinary committee announced to hold fresh elections under its own supervision. Jubilation burst into Nasiras supporters with the announcement of her victory. They were hilariously dancing on drumbeat and hugging each other in jubilation. They also chanted slogans against the PCO judges and vowed to oust them. Though turnout remained on the slow side as only 2027 votes were cast out of total 8840 eligible votes mainly due to the reasons that the lawyers from other cities showed less interest and this was the third election in the space of four months. Some senior lawyers argued that the turn out was not on the slower side considering the fact that in by-election less votes are always cast. Usually the presidential candidates arranged transport for lawyers of other cities but this time this exercise was done on a very limited scale as only Shahid Bilal managed to fetch his supporters from some out stations. Traditional festivity that had been the hallmark of LHCBAs election over the years was also missing. In her victory speech, Nasira said the lawyers movement had not ended as only its first phase has been completed with the restoration of independent-minded judges. She said in the second phase of the movement a campaign would be launched against former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf and his cronies. She pointed out that PCO judges would be ousted as a result of movement while a constitutional petition for their dismissal would also be filed in the apex court.