As an elder brother of a victim of the Fokker crash at Multan on July 10, 2006 I still feel the anguish that my brother became the prey of carelessness of the authorities that are responsible for safety of passengers and aircraft. I lost a dear one who was like a son to me. Whatever has happened cannot be undone but my only desire is that none of my countrymen should suffer because of negligence or casual attitude towards safety measures. This is the reason that I closely monitored the tussle that went between the PIA pilots and its administration on the issue of passenger and aircraft safety. What pained me the most was that the attitude of the authorities towards safety have not changed. Since I lost a dear one in the ill-fated Fokker at Multan, I studied all reports that appeared in the media about that crash. The reports clearly indicated that it was a safety lapse. The pilot of the aircraft was fatigued, there were navigation problems and there were problems in the engines of the aircraft. The similar lapses still occur at least as far as forcing the pilots to work long hours beyond the regulations adopted globally by other airlines. Three years on, we are still risking the lives of passengers and the crew of the aircraft. I would humbly appeal the PIA administration to follow the safety norms adopted internationally and keep the engines in super fit conditions and do not fatigue its pilots that might result in any mishap.-AN AFFECTED BROTHER, California, USA, via e-mail, July 6.