Till 1980's 'Annual Medical Check-up' used to be an obligatory event as each government employee had to get through the checkup at the expense of employer. This compulsory practice an essential part of official discipline was, however abandoned for unknown reasons. Now one can notice the state of general health (physical and mental) of employees working in government offices. The annual routine physical checkups used to help discover diseases which had been simmering for sometime. For example knowing high blood sugar levels may help taking some preventive measures. Besides this the physician will tell that with advancing age what precautionary measures are considered necessary to stay healthy. I would like to request the Federal as well as Provincial governments that tradition of annual physical examination and mental health may be enforced forthwith. This will not only help improve efficiency and productiveness of the employee but at the same time will serve their interest best as they would be able to adopt remedial measure.-SHAFQAT HUSSAIN QURESHI, Hyderabad, via e-mail, July 1.