MULTAN - Speakers at a seminar disclosed on Monday that 3.5 million new citizens were adding to national population every year and the population bomb would gobble up all resources if it exploded at any time. The seminar was organised by the District Population Welfare Department and MPA Shahid Mahmood Khan, Director College Prof Muhammad Hussain Azad, district welfare officers - Sajjad Akbar Naseem, Sadia Nawaz, Abdul Wahid Khan and others spoke on the occasion. They were of the opinion that fast increasing population was a direct threat to national development as it caused problems like unemployment and crimes. They stressed the need for creation of a balance between resources and population, saying the country could not make progress without achieving this milestone. They said that the Allah Almighty granted the gift of brain to human being and it should be utilized to evolve preventive measures for keeping the population in balance. They said that the humanity would have to develop new resources and each human would have to expand his family in proportion with his resources. They said that every one was faced with the negative impacts of heavy population but no one was ready to control it. They said that every individual was aware of importance of family planning. They said that the population bomb was dangerous than atom bomb. Later on, the participants of the walk brought out a rally from Raza Hall and marched up to Chowk Katchery. The walk was joined by the workers of health department, NGO activists and common citizens. They were also holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans in favour of population control.