SIALKOT - The people in Sialkot have been facing great difficulties in burial of their deceased beloved ones due to non-availability of places for graves in few of the thickly populated local graveyards, as Sialkot lacks graveyards following the spiralling population of the City of Iqbal. Sajjada Nasheen of shrine of Hazrat Imam Aliul Haq (RA) Sialkot Abu Saadia Javaid Ali, while talking to the newsmen here, expressed grave concern over this critical situation, saying that Sialkot had been lacking graveyards since long. He said that local business and financial tycoons, elected public representatives always focused on establishing parks and residential colonies and even changing the fate of Sialkot by establishing all the inter-city main roads and Sialkot International Airport by spending billions of rupees on self-help basis, setting a unique example of self help advising others to replicate. He said that they forgot to give proper attention towards the matter of shortage of graveyards in Sialkot. He said that Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) and even Sialkot district administration still remain unable to make any proper planning, in this important matter. Muhammad Yaqub of Harbanspura-Sialkot said that there had been three ancient graveyards namely Graveyard Imam Sahib, Graveyard Babul Shaheed and Graveyard Shah Moongaanwali were stated to be the centuries old graveyards in Sialkot and their lands have not yet been expanded by any one. These graveyards had been lying congested since long. These three ancient graveyards were not enough to accommodate died people. While commenting on the issue, Pir Liaqat Ali Shah, former District Attorney Sialkot, said that all the present small and big graveyards, though few in number, had been established by the local people on self-help basis on humanitarian grounds but the Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration and even the district administration had done nothing to expand these graveyards or to establish the new ones. He said that the Tehsil Municipal Administration should also chalk out a mega development plan for bringing betterment in the existing poor conditions of these ancient graveyards in Sialkot with a sole aim to give maximum relief to the deceased people there in graves and their grieved relatives and families in this world. He said that it would also be a noble way to earn good well and pubic applauses for the Tehsil Municipal Administration instead of bring financial profits. The social, religious and political circles have expressed grave concern over the critical condition and have urged the district administration and provincial government to take serious notice of the issue and allocate special places for new graveyards in Sialkot.