ISLAMABAD - After Aitzaz Ahsan, another Pakistan People’s Party leader Babar Awan has expressed reservations over the Contempt of Court Bill 2012.

Babar Awan, former law minister, is facing contempt proceeding for addressing a press conference, in which he has allegedly ridiculed the judiciary. During his contempt case, he stated a number of times that there was no contempt law in the country. But he is also not happy with the new bill. Talking to media persons at the Supreme Court building on Wednesday, he said the fate of new contempt law would be like that of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). “Though, the Parliament will pass the bill, but it could not pass and clear the judicial scrutiny,” he remarked. Babar stated it was a suitable time for the good legislation, but the ‘Munshi’, who had drafted the NRO, had wasted the opportunity. Many people say Babar was referring to the incumbent Law Minister Farooq H Naek Babar said, “The new contempt law would benefit me but I do not like confrontation between the institutions and oppose clipping the wings of any institution.”

 He said there should be same contempt law for the people all over the country. “The new law is a clear violation of articles 4, 9, 25 and 204 of the Constitution,” he added.

Regarding the dual nationality, he said the law would create internal and external problems for the security of Pakistan.

He said presently, 3.5 million illegal Afghan immigrants, living in Pakistan, had obtained Pakistani passport and identity cards. During the regime of Ziaul Haq, 0.5 million Burmese living in the Middle East countries were given Pakistani passport. Similarly, 0.5 million Burmese and 1 million Bengalis living in Karachi also have Pakistani identity cards.

He said God forbid if tomorrow Indians or Israelis obtained the Pakistani passport then there would be severe security problems for the country.