A CUBAN cyclist is bidding to have his ‘record’ of having ridden the world’s largest bike recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Felix Guirola has apparently been riding the 18ft-high bicycle through Old Havana’s streets, with the help of three other people.

But the former welder’s claims have not been confirmed by the authorities, and right now Canadian Terry Goertzen holds the record, to the annoyance of Guirola.

‘Nobody ever told me anything,’ he said when talking about his rival’s apparent feat.

He added he was confident he possessed the world’s tallest bike and had now notified the Guinness Book of World Records.

‘I’ve never been much of a cyclist, but I really like riding tall bikes,’ he said. ‘I don’t know if this interests Cubans, but it interests me. This is my hobby.’

The Cuban built his first oversized bike (6.5ft-high) in 1983 to raise money for his disabled sister who later died in 1994.

Since then his hobby, and contraptions, have grown in size and now he plans to build a 39ft high bike.

‘I say sometimes it’s like an obsession,’ Francisca Acosta, his wife, said.

‘It is always about bicycles and each passing day it gets a little bit taller.’

She added every day he dropped her off at work on the bike, which she had now grown used to after initially finding it ‘strange’.                         –Metro