Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan has said that parliamentarians those passed the contempt bill are shameless and even didn’t know definition of democracy. Addressing lawyers at the Karachi Bar on Thursday, the PTI chief said that democracy meant self accountability and transparency.”Politicians declare their assets first in democracies while in Pakistan they stash their money in foreign banks,” he said. Imran added that the Chief Justice’s position was also being trembled in the entire process of saving Zardari’s money. “It is a worldwide trend to disclose assets in order to participate in a country’s election, but here in Pakistan, not only are the assets being concealed, but lies are also being told,” said Imran. Imran said that globally these lies not only make a politician ineligible to contest election but they also lead to jail term. “Pakistani politicians keep their money abroad,” said Imran. Khan reiterated that the US had done nothing to Iran and Turkey because their leaders were not for sale.  A lion is at the helm of affairs in Turkey who refused Rs 30 billion dollars offer as transit fee to let American army cross through his territory. He said Turkey was the second largest growing economy after China. It was not British who defeated Tipo Sultan instead it was Mir Sadiq who helped them and same was the situation in Pakistan. Quoting Chairman NAB’s statement of 8 billion daily corruption, Imran stated that no bill was ever presented within the Parliament in order to stop such corruption. “The politicians want to contain media and the judiciary but they have never taken any measure to stop corruption,” said the PTI Chairman.