SHAHKOT – Two men abducted a girl here the other day.

According to the police, Irfan and Zeeshan along with 5 unknown accomplices stormed a home in nearby village Dallah Chanda Singh and abducted Aisha Bibi. They also stolen 4 tola gold ointments and Rs190,000 cash.

Shahkot Saddr police have registered a case against the culprits.

Govt vehicle stolen:  District Information Officer’s official vehicle was stolen by thieves here the other day.

According to detail, District Information Officer (DIO) Imran Maqbool was on leave for the last six days, but he was illegally using the official vehicle.

On the day of incident, he went to Lahore for taking a PMS exam. He parked the vehicle outside the examination hall situated at Lawrence Road, where from some thieves took away the vehicle.

Under the government rules and regulations, any officer cannot use official vehicle for personal work, while the said officer allegedly has not been following the rules since joining the office.

The journalist community demanded the DGPR to take strict action against the officer who was illegally roaming on official vehicle when he was on leaved.