Although it is an open secret but a report in leading US newspapers has pointed out the dangers to world peace as a result of the US military industrial complex being the world’s biggest exporter of arms. The total global weapons market reportedly stands at a whooping $60 billion. Of course this is apart from the money that is spent on wars and various conflicts. It would be no exaggeration to guess that the total cost might go as high as trillions of dollars. It is also not hard to imagine the extent of death and destruction these sinews of war cause.

These reports also mention efforts of the Obama setup as well as the UN that is trying to hammer out a global arms treaty aiming to contain arms trade but at the same time warns about the notorious gun lobby that is least willing to let its profits go down. One of the newspapers denounces the US for being war crazy and for still keeping the nuclear missiles on the launching pads 20 years on since the end of the Cold War. The weapons’ sales to countries like Syria, Sudan has served to incite violence and wars, these reports maintain. In order for the world to have some peace, global arms trade and general armament would have to be controlled.