Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim’s vision even though he has yet to take office of the Chief Election Commissioner inspires hope of free and fair elections. The tone and tenor of his statement that holding transparent elections tops his agenda chime in with the general view that regards him as an upright individual. In view of the prevailing restlessness among the masses, one can only second his view that chaos at a frightful scale would set in if the polls were rigged. One feels inclined to repose trust in his assertion that he would strive to make the electoral transition as transparent as possible. But alongside, he also stressed the role of the media and civil society in playing its part in the electoral exercise. To one of the questions, he replied that it was Prime Minister’s job to announce date for the next elections.

One wishes him Godspeed as the challenge he faces ahead is no small one. The task of conducting free polls has assumed more importance given the awareness spread by media and social awakening of the people who now call for asserting their right to choose leaders of their choice. Justice Fakhruddin can help materialise this aspiration although it is quite obvious that the path in the run-up to elections would be studded with barriers and pitfalls. His single-mindedness can make him overcome these hurdles.