ISLAMABAD - Resuming his arguments in contempt of court case, former Law Minister Babar Awan said that all over the world there is an impression that Supreme Court of Pakistan instead of considering the Constitutional matters only focusing on contempt cases.

A two-member bench comprising Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan and Justice Muhammad Ather Saeed was hearing the contempt of court case against former Law Minister for addressing a Press conference against the court on December 1st, 2011 order to form commission in memo scandal case. During the hearing, Babar Awan expressing concern over the increase in contempt cases contended that number of contempt cases in the apex court of Pakistan are more than any other country’s court.  “Apex court of Pakistan is not the court of contempt. It’s a court of Constitution,” he added.

He urged the bench to take notice of public rallies and Press conferences, held in favour of judiciary, as under Article 204, influencing the court’s process is also contempt of court. When Babar Awan was giving this arguments, the court asked him not to repeat things, which have already been stated earlier.

Former Law Minister replied that nobody was holy cow in Pakistan and why he should not talk about the politicians, who are expressing solidarity with the judiciary by arranging rallies and observing sit in and the court was not taking notice in this regard.

“The case against me is that I have given a statement that the father-in-law of a sitting judge hanged Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,” he added.

Awan argued that one of the judges on the bench had said that even if others were to pardon him, he would not pardon Awan. He said judge’s oath restricted him from making such remarks.

Babar Awan also said that for the past six months he had been requesting the court to hear his application regarding the suspension of his licence but his application was not being admitted but the bench was rushing in this case. Upon that Justice Ejaz said the bench was considering his arguments.

Babar replied that the judges in ZAB murder case had given same remarks that they were listening Bhutto’s counsel arguments carefully and they would do justice but it did not happen. “Give me any example except Chief Justice’s manhandling case, in which the court rejected unconditional apology in contempt case. Why I am being treated differently,” he further questioned.

During the hearing, it has been witnessed that harsh words were also exchanged between judges and Babar Awan, when former Law Minister wanted to read the whole judgment to support his case but the court ordered him to read only relevant portions.

Later on, the court directed Babar Awan to conclude his arguments on Friday (tomorrow).

On the last date of hearing, Babar Awan had requested the Supreme Court to refer his contempt case to Pakistan Bar Council as it sent Dr Arsalan matter to proper forum for further proceedings.

He had lamented that he was being discriminated against saying that “justice will be seen to be done only if people are treated with parity”.