SIALKOT - Four dacoits looted gold ornaments, cash and other valuables worth Rs5 million from the house of an exporter Qaisar Akhtar during a broad daylight dacoity in Mag Town Muradpur locality on Wednesday.  Reportedly, the dacoits stormed the house and after making hostage all the family members, started looting.

Ulema co-op sought to keep peace in Ramazan: DCO Zahid Saleem Gondal has sought the active cooperation of the Ulema for maintaining peace and promoting religious harmony among the people of all schools of thought in the district during the holy month of Ramazan.

He warned that no one would be allowed to sabotage the peaceful atmosphere of the district. Addressing a meeting of the District Peace Committee held here, the DCO asked the Ulema belonging to all sects to come forward and play their pivotal role in forging religious and sectarian harmony, unity, peace, faith and brotherhood, besides, averting to hurt the religious sentiments of the people belonging to any sect.

The DCO said that sectarian harmony and unity among all ranks of the Muslims were the need of the hour, which could help resolve the problems being faced by the Ummah. He said that it was the collective responsibility of the nation to remain in peace and calm for the successful observance of religious festivals.

Zahid Saleem urged the Ulema to avert hurting the religious sentiments of the other sects’ people. “It is our moral, religion and national obligation to play our key role in weeding out the sectarian violence from the country”, he added.