In your editorial ‘Remembering Bhutto’ in the Nation of July 06, you have rightly praised him for certain qualities of character, but have said in passing, ‘Granted he made mistakes but that is only human’. Sir, it is those mistakes that have become a yoke around our necks today. In his indecent haste to get the people, the workers and the students behind him he ruined discipline by encouraging disrespect for authority. The harm that was done to the society as a whole is incalculable, from being a fairly docile people, Pakistanis became uncouth and unruly, difficult to handle in the workplace, in offices, in schools and colleges and even in homes. For purely ulterior motives he nationalised the country’s industry bringing industrial development to a halt, also he scared away any further investment in the country, both local and foreign. The fallout of his disastrous policies is still with us because all succeeding PPP governments have followed his policies with religious fervour. The state enterprises owe their present condition to his policy of unproductive employment of thousands upon thousands of party loyalists, public sector organisations also stand paralysed under the burden of excess baggage, and together they have become the last nail in Pakistan’s economy. Thanks to him it is not the managements but the worker’s unions which are running PIA, Steel Mills and the Railways today. If we keep praising Bhutto we will never stop to look at what Bhuttoism has wrought and will never start thinking of how to undo at least some of the damage done to the country, a lot, unfortunately, being irreversible. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, July 8.